Trish Sloneczny becomes the first to complete the brand new MSc degree in demolition management

Trish Sloneczny, CSR director of AR Demolition at the University of Wolverhampton

An East Midlands demolition expert is one of the first cohort to complete the brand new Masters Degree in Demolition Management.

Trish Sloneczny, CSR director at AR Demolition, has gained a Merit in the brand new MSc from the University of Wolverhampton, bestowed at a ceremony yesterday.

She becomes one of the first cohort of seven students to complete the world’s first demolition degree, which was developed and launched just over two years ago at the University’s School of Architecture & Built Environment.

Accredited by the Institute of Demolition Engineers (IDE), the course has been designed in conjunction with industry specialists including Richard Dolman, the managing director of AR Demolition which is based in Carlton, close to Market Bosworth near Nuneaton.

The MSc comprises a spectrum of modules, ranging from management, methodologies, research and sustainability, to asbestos removal and building information modelling (BIM).

Ms Sloneczny said: “When I came into demolition in 2006 it struck me how skilled demolition operatives had to be to work safely and productively on site. This experience is difficult to learn and hard-won, so our industry faces challenges for the next generation, to diversify, attract new talent, embrace technology and innovate.

“I believe demolition taught at the higher education level as part of the built environment is a crucial part of the solution.

“At AR Demolition we are fostering a culture of quality training and development of our staff, to ensure they have the best information and training available, in order that they kept themselves and their colleagues safe.

“With this degree being established, we can extend this training and development ethos beyond our on-site workforce. I strongly believe that, as an industry, we should be giving this degree and its ongoing development our full support and commitment.”

Mr Dolman, who founded the AR Demolition family of companies in 2007 alongside co-owner Andrew Thompson, said he is keen for his industry to help develop new ways of thinking which can be adopted across the construction sector.

“Demolition, like many industries in the construction sector, can be set in its ways,” he said, “and as such there is a danger that if it doesn’t evolve it will get left behind.

“Whether it is through new techniques for demolition, a greater focus on health and safety, or exploring ways to develop a circular economy, our industry has an important role to play in creating a truly sustainable construction sector both in terms of the economy and the environment.

“I am delighted that Trish is one of the first cohort of graduates on this MSc and proud to offer her qualified expertise as an asset to AR Demolition’s clients.

“Hopefully we can use her example to inspire other women to come into our industry and help introduce the particular skillsets, combined with leading expertise, which can help move the demolition industry forward.”