The Wilderness and Sacred launch limited edition ‘Brexit Blend’ Whisky

L-R: James Bowker and Alex Claridge

Controversial Birmingham restaurant The Wilderness and distillery Sacred Spirits in London have joined forces to create a limited-edition Whisky; The Brexit Blend. As a tongue in cheek to the current chaos, nay madness, they have created a playful blend of malt whiskies from England, Scotland and Wales as well as a blended malt and grain whisky from Northern Ireland. This ‘Whisky to watch the world fall apart with’ is offered at £60 per limited edition bottle and is presented in a wax sealed skull bottle with gift box.

Creators James Bowker (The Wilderness) and Ian Hart (Master Blender and Distiller for Sacred) chose whiskies for their elegance and body before they were specially blended on site in Highgate, North London.  The whiskies used were aged in a variety of European cask types to provide sweetness and winter fruit flavours and evil bureaucracy. Sherry Butts give raisin-y flavours, Madeira casks bring plums and new French oak provides vanilla and cinnamon cheesecake. They range in age from a 6-year-old whisky to whiskies many years older to provide elegance and depth of flavour. Playful it may be, but this was created with flavour in mind above all else and as such it contains whisky of remarkable merit.

Whether you’re a die-hard remainer, Nigel Farage, or anywhere in between this is an intense, complex and rewarding whisky.  James Bowker added “Nobody is enjoying Brexit so until we get some sort of resolution, we might as well start the healing process over a stiff one.”

Ian Hart from Sacred has commented “We are delighted to be working again with The Wilderness and hope that our collaboration will bring cheer – whatever lies ahead!”

This is a strictly limited-edition release with only 100 bottles available going on sale at 9am on Friday 29th March and can be purchased at: