How to reward your staff more at work

Having great staff is mainly the reason why many businesses continue to achieve success, and these staff are, for the most part, going to be happy. However, that’s only if you treat your staff and show them the appreciation that you and the company have for each and everyone who helps contribute to the business. So with that in mind, here are some ways to reward your staff more in the workplace.

Offer Flexible Working

We all strive to have a better work-life balance, whether that’s because we feel as though life is too short and we want to spend more time with our families or because work isn’t as much of a priority as living is. Having that right balance is a mixture of what a staff member does to help themselves, but it also relies on the company to be flexible to their needs. Life demands so much, and that demand might come during the working day. Flexible working is certainly something that can help with this issue and can give your staff the flexibility whilst still providing the work that you need as an organization. Just because a staff member is working from home, doesn’t automatically give them a day off. They still need to be doing all they can do in order to get their daily tasks. As a company, you might want to pick and choose as and when you give this benefit. It might be on a case by case basis on what requirements they need in their personal life and how much they contribute to the company.

Add More To Their Benefits Package

The employee benefits scheme is going to be slightly different in each organization, and it all depends on what you can offer as a business. Some companies allow unlimited holidays, company cars and even a financial incentive when they reach certain milestones in the company. Adding more to your staff’s benefits package is going to continue their stay for as long as possible within the organization. Not many people would want to give up their job if the perks were unlike anything you’d get anywhere else. That’s not to say you still shouldn’t be providing a happy work environment, though. The two go hand in hand!

Give Them A Pay Rise

Pay raises are a great way of showing that staff member that they’ve worked hard and that the business has benefited directly from that hard work. As a company grows, it’s obviously making more of an income, and therefore, you should be paying it back to your staff when possible. If salaries aren’t going up, but the company continues to make more profit, you’re going to get a lot of frustrated employees who will most likely leave if nothing changes. Offer these pay rises either at the end of the financial year or as a start of the year welcome back to work gift! A pay rise will certainly go down well either way, no matter how much or how little it is. It all goes towards that bump up in salary, and for some people, that’s very much needed in their lives as they get older.

Provide A Festive Bonus

Bonuses are a surprise treat that no staff member will expect unless it’s already part of the benefits package and their role within the company. A festive bonus might be a great time to provide an extra one-off sum of money to all your staff members who’ve worked very hard to achieve their goals or had successful projects throughout the working year. If you’re not giving these out to everyone, then it’s very important that discretion is advised when you hand that notification of the bonus. You should also make them aware also to use discretion as this might not be something that’s given to everyone.

Treat Them To A Team Lunch

A small reward for staff could cone at the end of a long month or a time where your company gets particularly busy. Christmas periods can often be a little hectic and so every so often, it’s worth treating your staff to a team lunch. This can be split into departments and managers could be assigned a budget to use for these lunches every so often. This little treat can end up going a long way and remind your staff that they are valued.

Reward your staff as much as you can, and you’ll certainly find a lot less staff leave because they’re treated so fairly.