Garden improvements that will boost your home’s value

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There are many reasons that could lead to you feeling that it’s time to make the big move and sell your home and of course it goes without saying that you’re going to want to make the property as profitable as possible. Whether your house is up for sale or you’re conscious of upkeeping your properties value, it’s important to consider a range of optimisation techniques that can be utilised to be support your aims, one of which is the key upkeep of your garden. UK’s premier retailer of quality garden and leisure buildings, GBC group list their top tips on for achieving a garden that could boost your home’s value.

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It may seem obvious but upkeeping the weekly garden tasks that come as part of owning a garden will certainly help to improve the value of your home. The usual jobs that require undertaking such as weeding, mowing the lawn, having trimmed hedges and so on will all help with creating a neat and smarter garden space. First impressions certainly do count, so ensuring that your front and back garden spaces are both well maintained could lead to a more favourable initial conception.

Devise extra space

Everyone loves extra space, whether it’s being utilised to create more storage or if you’re able to use the area as a place to get way from the hustle and bustle of a busy household. By investing in an outdoor building, you’re not only creating additional space, but also offering outdoor living to the prospective buyers of your home, which in turn should increase its value. A garden building such as a summer house or equally a garage or shed would be a perfect addition to your garden and will go a long way in introducing extra space to your home.

Keep it low maintenance

Taking pride in your garden is never a bad thing, however if your ambitious agriculture is over demanding, you may find yourself struggling to keep it in the best condition. Whilst on the surface this may not seem like an issue, having an overgrown or unkept garden space could potentially affect your home’s value. If you do have the time to spend, it’s also wise to remember that not everyone desires to spend their time pruning and weeding day in the garden, so an elaborate garden display could turn off potential buyers. By making sure you keep the garden jobs as low maintenance as possible, you’re much more likely to receive a favourable offer.

A lick of paint

You may underestimate the true value of a new coat of paint. By simply painting your shed, fence or outdoor furniture, you can instantly improve the presentation of your garden space and consequently make it all the more appealing for a house buyer who is considering purchasing. Make sure you use a good quality paint to ensure you don’t have to do the task on a regular basis as this too can be a time-consuming task.

Keeping it secure and private

Everyone loves their privacy, especially when it comes to your own property. If there are any feasible options in order to prevent onlookers from peeping into your personal space, then make sure that action is pursued. Hedges, fences and trees are a great way to achieve this, not only do they provide an element of privacy, but they add an element of security to your home exterior, which would certainly benefit any homebuyers with young children or pets. This is an important step to consider, as safety is a predominant priority in many prospective house-buyers key lists.