Delicious water on the go – Doulton Water Filters launch brand new TASTE bottle

Doulton Water Filters, based in Staffordshire have launched a brand new, portable water filter bottle – Doulton TASTE. The TASTE bottle is the perfect, environmentally friendly solution to staying hydrated on the go with delicious water, free from contaminants and bursting with taste.

For almost two centuries, Doulton have been committed to delivering clean, healthy drinking water to millions of homes around the world. Building on the concept of the ceramic filter candle that Henry Doulton invented in 1826, Doulton continue to develop innovative, sustainable products that provide delicious water to be enjoyed, indoors, outdoors and now – on the go!

The stylish, durable and reusable Doulton TASTE bottle packs a huge amount of expertise and filtration technology into a handy-sized bottle. The bottle combines the power of Doulton home water filter systems with the convenience of bottled water, allowing the whole family to enjoy filtered water whenever and wherever.

Available in 3 stylish colours, the TASTE bottle is BPA free with a 500ml capacity and useful carry handle. The bottle filters out contaminants that can be present in tap water, including dirt, rust and microplastic particles*. The filter cartridge provides protection against harmful bacteria as well as removal of >95% of chlorine and >90% of heavy metals, improving the taste and odour of drinking water.**

The TASTE Bottle has been carefully designed taking into consideration many of the common issues and concerns related to the bottled water industry today. One of these issues relates to plastic pollution and the impact of single-use plastic waste upon the planet, oceans and wildlife. The TASTE bottle is a sustainable, cost-effective alternative, eliminating the need to purchase single-use plastic bottled water.

The TASTE bottle joins Doulton’s existing range of home water filters including counter-top, under-counter and gravity fed water filter systems. Discover the Doulton Difference on the go – shop the TASTE bottle here.

*down to 1 micron in size

**tested in house