Cozmetica UK to become the official distributor for the Gaylia Kristensen brand in the UK

Great news has arrived for all the UK based spas, aesthetics clinics, salons & retail outlets as an award-winning, luxury, Australian, anti-ageing skincare brand; Gaylia Kristensen is coming to the UK in March 2018. Cozmetica UK has been appointed the official distributor for the brand and the incredible skincare line will be launched across the UK in March 2018.

Gaylia Kristensen’s founder & developer, Gaylia Kristensen will be coming to the UK to train any businesses on board by April 2018. This is indeed a wonderful opportunity for the spas, aesthetic clinics and beauty outlets from across the United Kingdom to get this training and enhance the productivity of their businesses effectively.

“The products of Gaylia Kristensen are very popular in the Southern Hemisphere, it has celebrity and royalty followers. Cozmetica Uk will be distributing the range across the UK and offering our clients a very unique service” said Lloyd Baker of Cozmetica UK Limited, while talking about the Gaylia Kristensen brand.

“It is being used in some of the world’s leading spas including; the Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group, Raffles Jakarta, Fairmont Hotels and Harvey Nicholas Hong Kong.” He added. “The brand is getting an international recognition due to its unparalleled results and it is getting a phenomenal response from users worldwide and we are very excited to be working with it.”

In addition, its state of the art molecular polypeptide and protein technology make this skincare line truly remarkable and highly effective. In addition, it is pharmaceutical grade and clinically tested upon manufacturing.

Cozmetica UK is based in Worcestershire and it is welcoming its clients to feel, smell and try the products in its “skincare showroom” and will offer in house product knowledge training. Furthermore, Cozmetica UK will be supplying the brand to spas, aesthetic clinics and retail outlets across the United Kingdom.

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