Business school graduate Lily is named amongst Top 100 influencers in the UK

Lily Pebbles

A former student at Birmingham City Business School has been recognised as one of the top 100 influencers in the UK.

Award-winning blogger Lily Pebbles has been recognised as the 58th most influential individual in the annual Sunday Times Influencer List 2019.

Lily, 31, studied marketing at the business school, which is part of Birmingham City University. She graduated in 2010 and now has 436,000 Instagram followers.

Lily said: ‘I feel very proud to be a graduate of the business school at Birmingham City University. This whole journey started at university when I was encouraged to start a blog by my lecturer.

“At first it was just about finding my feet and getting into the swing of photo taking and writing, but then I started to really work on engaging on my social media channels. Only 30 people read my blog in its first year!”

“I’m so honoured to be included in the Sunday Times Influencer List. I’ve been doing this for 9 years now and it’s exciting to see how the industry is constantly changing and I’m grateful to my audience who continue to grow with me as my content evolves and moves into different areas.”

In 2012 Lily decided to quit her marketing job working for a beauty box subscription company to focus on her blog full-time. Today Lily collaborates regularly with global brands, including Revlon and Evian, and has over 490,00 subscribers to her YouTube channel which she updates twice a week with new videos.

Lily’s former lecturer Dr Charlotte Carey, who pushed her to start her original blog, said: “Lily was a strong student, she was in a year group which worked really well together, good friends who could bounce ideas off each other. She was conscientious and creative, but also willing to question things, a quality we always try to encourage in our students. I think everyone who works on the course would agree that she worked hard consistently and really applied herself to her studies.’

Lily lives with her husband, Rich, and their daughter, Grey.