bioarmor-nano® signs landmark deal with distributor, Bluechipworld

bioarmor-nano® has recently announced a new distribution partnership with Bluechipworld (BCW), the specialist manufacturer and distributor of mobile device and consumer electronic accessories.  

bioarmor-nano® joins the likes of Philips projectors, Duracell lighting, Polaroid power, Mio and MiPOW as part of BCW’s impressive distribution portfolio of brands supplied to both large general multiple retailers & supermarkets and small independent retailers throughout the UK and Ireland.

The partnership will see bioarmor-nano® distributed widely through BCW’s UK retailer network alongside a number of new customers. This is great news for any health-conscious consumer. bioarmor-nano® coating is laboratory tested to be 99.9% effective in reducing harmful bacteria on the surface and lasts for a minimum of 3 months between applications. It is a perfect extension to the many existing personal hygiene products sold to increasingly aware consumers.

The coating has other benefits to health too; it is laboratory tested against staphylococcus aureus and also the resistant-strain MRSA. How does this technology work? bioarmor-nano’s patented nano-sized active antimicrobial particle (based on silver) contained within the nano-thin liquid glass coating (under 150nm thin) makes it completely invisible and almost impossible for harmful bacterial cells to survive, multiply and reproduce on the protected surface.

An advanced level of protection is usually associated with harsh chemicals. This is not the case with bioarmor-nano®. It’s biocidal ingredient is laboratory-certified to be safe for use on product surfaces that come into contact with food, humans and pets.

Not only is bioarmor-nano® great at protecting your surfaces from the growth of harmful microbes and bacteria it’s also great news for the environment. Because application is only required once every three months it reduces the amount of harsh chemicals, plastic bottles and wipes that get used in daily cleaning cycles. All bioarmor-nano™ wipes are 100% biodegradable, too.

bioarmor-nano® will be available to purchase online through AMAZON UK and will shortly be available from selected high street retailers. The price will vary from under £9.99 (Inc. VAT) to around £14.49 (Inc VAT) depending on the product type and the number of sachets offered within each pack type.