TC’s first glimpse of real-time metering data

t-mac Technologies Ltd has joined forces with the Environmental Technology Centre (ETC) at the University of Nottingham to create a first by showcasing energy reducing technology via its interactive website.

The ETC, which offers energy advice to businesses, is one of the first companies in the UK to incorporate a custom-made t-mac Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) dashboard to its website. The device will meter geothermal energy generated from their water-source heat pump room at its Demonstration Centre and will be available for everyone to see.

The AMR dashboard which collects information on energy usage and displays data back in real time using easy-to-read charts on a screen, is usually displayed within commercial buildings to showcase green credentials to customers or stakeholders that visit the business.

t-mac and the ETC have now adapted this dashboard to take it to the next level and raise awareness of energy management on the world wide web. This unique t-mac device will measure levels of geothermal energy generated through water-source heat pumps and provide an online demonstration of how renewable energy technology and smart metering can be applied to businesses.

John Hemingbrough, project officer at the ETC said: “To save energy it is essential for any business to know how much energy is being used, when it’s being used and where it’s being used.

“The t-mac system we have installed on our geothermal system will allow us to monitor and optimise the performance of the system and will provide an ideal demonstration of how sub-metering can be applied to an existing installation, both for our clients and others, who wish to replicate this in their business.”

Lisa Wilkinson, director of t-mac Technologies said: “It’s great to be working with another like-minded company that’s proactively helping businesses across the country with ways to effectively achieve their green targets.

“The AMR dashboard is a great starting point as it shows visitors to the site the first stage of energy management. Once a business can see their energy usage they can then monitor their metering data and identify where energy can used more efficiently and control excessive energy use. This is something that we here at t-mac have been helping businesses across the UK achieve.”






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