Mike Whitby reinforces support for Midlands Eco businesses

Pictured above: (l-r) Neil Maddox of Eco Specialists, Mike Whitby, Paul Maddox Business Development Director of Eco Specialists


Mike Whitby, Leader of Birmingham City Council and Chairman of Birmingham Science Park, Aston today reinforced the City’s commitment to supporting local businesses that provide carbon reduction solutions.

Attending the launch of Eco Specialists, a Birmingham based provider of energy efficient, environmentally friendly commercial lighting, Councillor Whitby explained:

“Birmingham is one of the UK’s leading cities when it comes to Carbon Footprint Reduction. We have set ourselves an ambitious target of reducing the City’s CO2 emissions by 60% by 2026, one of the most challenging plans for reducing CO2 emissions of any local authority in England.

“To achieve our bold aspirations, however, we need business to be innovative in coming forward with new solutions for a future where carbon emissions are cut dramatically; and so I am delighted that our Science Park is supporting a fledgling company like Eco Specialists to provide genuine Green alternatives.

“Birmingham and the West Midlands are the historic heartlands of the industrial revolution, and so it is fitting that today we want to position ourselves at the heart of the ‘green’ revolution. As a region it is vital that we encourage the development and growth of our business sector in new industries, particularly those providing sustainable Green solutions.”

Paul Maddox, Business Development Director of Eco Specialists comments: “We are absolutely delighted that Councillor Whitby has attended today’s launch. The issue of carbon reduction is significant and it is vital that businesses are encouraged to adopt a Green strategy. We have launched Eco Specialists because simply by changing commercial lighting from traditional bulbs to environmentally friendly ones, a company can benefit from immediate cost savings and a considerable, positive impact on a company’s Carbon Reduction Commitments.”  

Mr Maddox concludes: “Only last week we were once again warned that energy bills are set to soar by up to 25% in the next decade as we struggle to generate enough power. Combine this continued increase in energy costs with the need to reduce our carbon footprint and you find a very compelling reason for businesses to switch to alternative lighting solutions. My advice to business decision makers considering this option is to research providers before changing.  There are many providers of environmentally friendly lighting and the solutions differ greatly in terms of quality, sustainability and cost.”





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