Leicestershire based Fisher German and the CLA promote renewable energy

Pictured above: Fisher German at a CLA renewable energy event

Fisher German is at the forefront of a major drive to inform farmers and landowners of their options when considering renewable energy. This has included attending the Country Land and Business Association’s (CLA) many renewable energy master classes. These take place across the country, and recently included the first Energy Now Expo event.

The events are aimed at people who may have thought about renewable energy, but do not know how to make the first step with implementing the technology on their land or farm. Fisher German is able to show landowners and farmers about the processes and costs involved with installing and maintaining renewable energy technology.

Renewable energy at both macro and micro level is covered, providing a valuable insight into what is available to farmers and landowners on their land including potential areas for diversification, income creation and energy saving. Oliver Harwood, Chief Surveyor and renewable energy advisor for the CLA has been instrumental in these events and in driving renewable energy forward on behalf of the CLA and its members.

Henry Sale managing partner of Fisher German comments, “We are honoured to be a part of such well attended events, concentrating on this interesting and exciting growth sector. The high levels of attendance and number of conversations we have subsequently had with farmers and landowners leaves me in no doubt as to the importance of this sector. 

“We aim to provide advice and help people make the most from the resources they have, when developing renewable energy. Fisher German will continue to attend the events as there is a huge opportunity for the renewable energy market to expand, and for people to produce their own energy.”



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