West Midlands based professional has developed a unique app to aide recruitment

Will Buggey

Many of us have experienced the frustration of going through a costly, time-consuming recruitment process only to discover the person we employed couldn’t actually perform the role!

In a fast-paced business world, with a bad hire costing tens of thousands of pounds, Sutton Coldfield-based Will Buggey has developed a 45‑minute practical online test that delivers measurable improvement to recruitment success rates. The Orecor test allows businesses to assess the practical skills of a candidate before offering them the job, boosting employer confidence.

As a Chartered Accountant running finance teams, Will had endured recruitment disappointment too many times. “I met candidates with top-notch CVs, excellent interview technique and those all‑important soft skills, however, once in situ, there was too often a lack of technical capability and yet there was nothing within the recruitment process to adequately assess this capability beforehand.”

Despite benefitting from the expertise of some of the best recruitment professionals in the region, Will states “Technology and data needed to play a more prominent role in the recruitment process.” He noted “There was a lack of practical testing solutions in a market awash with tools for psychometric personality profiling and verbal/numeric reasoning.”

However, Will believes that there is a need for the traditional interviewing techniques, such as psychometric and personality testing and trusting your ‘gut feeling’, but Orecor should be used in conjunction with them.

He said: “We believe that this app helps to facilitate part of the recruitment process, the missing jigsaw piece in the recruitment puzzle.

Will has released the first product based on the Orecor platform, a Finance Core Skills Test. This is a unique, online, interactive test to be used in the recruitment of accountancy and finance professionals.

“Given my background as a Chartered Accountant and the fact virtually every organisation has a finance function, the logical step was to start with what I know best. It is clear, however, that other professions and sectors face similar recruitment challenges and we plan to develop our platform to help overcome employer frustration in these areas too,” says Will.

“That way, businesses can have greater confidence in knowing that the person they employ is technically right for the job.”

“In a world where AI is becoming more prevalent and the candidate pool more varied, I am delighted Orecor is doing its bit to bring true talent and capability to the fore,” Will states.

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