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Over the forthcoming weeks we will be talking to a local business owner, director or entrepreneur based in the Midlands, and asking them to give their opinion on a wide range of business-related topics or a subject they feel needs highlighting.

So to start off I thought it appropriate to be the first interviewee and introduce you the new look MBN, as well as giving you an insight into our future plans.

I have been a shareholder of MBN for a couple of years and in August acquired the company. At this point I would like to acknowledge Paul Newman who originally set up the business and established a foothold for MBN in the Midlands ‒ thanks Paul for the opportunity.

Over the past few weeks we have been working hard behind the scenes to build an informative and comprehensive business platform for SMEs, directors and business operators across the Midlands. We plan to make MBN a site that all regional business owners and operators will find an invaluable source for news, networking, reference and leads.

We will continue to offer a daily news platform for articles submitted, but please bear in mind we currently receive an average of 40 articles per day, which will I expect will grow, so we are having to be selective with what we publish.

As you will see we have added a few new tabs to make the site easier to navigate and categorise articles.

The Midland business community are keen charity supporters and fundraisers so we have provided a Charity platform for you to shout about the monies raised and the well deserving charities you have chosen to support.

As economic recovery continues it seems that many of you are expanding, recruiting additional personnel, setting up new divisions and generally gearing up for positive trading times ahead. To enable you to tell everyone about these exciting developments we have set up a People section on the site. News about qualifications, exam results and apprenticeships are also welcomed.

Almost on a daily basis we receive a story telling us that a business in the region is celebrating either an award win or nomination. The Awards section will enable you to shout about your great success and share your celebratory news with businesses across the Midlands.

I would like to take this opportunity to Introduce you to some of the team behind the new MBN. Firstly, I am delighted to announce that Andy Coleman will be taking on an editorial role, helping to source all those fantastic nuggets of news that are happening across the region. He will also be digging a little deeper into some of press releases you submit and maybe contacting you for further information or a quote.

Andy will also be issuing a weekly news round-up via e-newsletter. To ensure you receive a copy, please click on the Subscribe tab which you will find on the homepage.

I will be heading up our commercial team. If you wish to promote your organisation on the site, whether in a simple listing in our business directory or through a high profile marketing campaign, I would be happy to put together an advertising/marketing package for you.

Launching soon will be our sister site, East Midlands Business News, which will offer all the great features and articles found in MBN but covering Derbyshire, Leicestershire, Lincolnshire, Northamptonshire, Nottinghamshire and Rutland. For more information about this site please drop me an email.

Please keep submitting your news items to our news address and Emma will continue to work her magic in handling the day-to-day uploading of content to the site.

I hope that you like the new site, and would love to receive your feedback. I look forward to working with you, meeting you and sharing the exciting business news that is happening across our region.

Let’s work together and celebrate the great collaborative spirit across the Midlands business community.

Best wishes
Wendy Carter


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