Video boosts ‘superphone’ social hits

NT Multimedia

A video company has helped triple interest in the social media posts of a Shropshire firm after the launch of its new “superphone”.

The NT Multimedia device is a desk phone, launched by Telford-based Network Telecom, which will do anything a smartphone or tablet can do and comes with a seven-inch HD touch screen.

The new system is being seen as a major advancement in the telecoms industry, simplifying a range of services within one unit – video conferencing, apps access and keeping on top of social media requirements.

Network Telecom called on Shrewsbury-based 7video to help promote the launch by producing a video highlighting the advantages of the new system. 7video has more than 10 years’ experience in showcasing the best of what businesses have to offer.

Amelia Ebdon, of Network Telecom, said the video was a huge success, resulting in three times more impressions and comments, and twice the number of likes, compared to other social media posts.

She said: “The purpose of the video was to launch our new NT Multimedia device, a desk phone that can do anything your smartphone or tablet can do and something we are extremely excited about.

“After starting work with 7Video, the response to our content has been great. Social engagement has increased, our sales team are using it to explain the business benefits of our products and visitors are now able to watch our video in reception.

“The video resulted in social posts getting on average three times more impressions and three times the number of comments. It just goes to show the importance of video when it comes to promoting a product.

“As a technology company centred around innovation, we are excited to continue our work with the 7video team this year and to use the power of video to boost our brand.”
Pete Sims, 7video director, added: “More businesses are discovering the power of video and we were delighted to help out with the promotional work surrounding this new device.
“We talked through exactly what Network Telecom wanted to achieve from the video and put forward our thoughts on how best to achieve it.

“They were pleased with the results as we were once again able to demonstrate the huge power of video in marketing a product.

“Videos that are short and to the point while retaining the interest of the targeted viewer are essential aids to getting across the benefits of a product and why it should be chosen.
“The experience we have built up over 10 years means we know how to help businesses get their message over to that all-important target audience.”

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