You Are More Than You Think – Burton book launch

andrew book launch

Burton Businessman is to launch his first book.

In the book You Are More Than You Think, Andrew Jenkins helps you, the reader step by step along an important and fascinat ing journey that contrasts two realities we all can create for ourselves. One reality defaults to unresourceful mindsets and behaviours that get in our way and control us.  He calls this the conditioning of our ‘acquired self’.  The other reality is built from the uniqueness of your ‘authentic self’ and Andrew describes in practical ways how we can return to our ‘authentic self’.  By doing so, Andrew believes the benefits are: you are more able to play to your strengths; avoid your weaknesses; and get back to who you are truly meant to be.  Therefore we can all get the most out of our lives, both at work and at play.

Chris Plant, Director of Burton & District Chamber said: “Andrew starts the book by taking you, the reader through a set of guiding universal human principles that help you to consciously become aware of the right thought patterns for setting up access your ‘authentic self’. “

Mr Plant added: “He then moves on to to explore the fascinating aspects of how neuroscience has changed the way we understand how the human brain and the mind work together to create your reality.  Andrew then explains in practical terms how we can make use of the extraordinary plasticity of our brains to re-educate our thoughts, behaviours and mindsets so we can return to our ‘authentic selves’.  By using Andrew’s principles of personal change in his book it is possible access our unique authentic self and therefore more enjoy our lives and the stuff of work.  Therefore we can go to work whistling each day and come home singing.”

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