The changing world of work: More than three quarters of employees want access to health and wellbeing benefits at their fingertips

New research* conducted by health and wellbeing provider – BHSF,  reveals that 76% of UK employees would be interested in accessing health and wellbeing benefits via an app on their phone.

The world of work is changing – a rise in flexible working, new technology, and an ‘always-on’ lifestyle means that employee habits have also changed. Smartphones are within constant reach, so for employers, it makes sense to adapt benefits to suit employee behaviour.

Unsurprisingly, millennials and Generation Z were particularly interested in accessing their health and wellbeing benefits via an app. BHSF’s research shows that nearly half (44%) of those under the age of 34 were very interested, and nine in 10 expressed an interest in this method. As these employees will be leading the future of the workplace, adapting employee benefits to suit their needs could help employers recruit and retain future business leaders.

Advances in technology have also fuelled a change in gig economy, with a drastic rise in freelancers and remote working over the past decade. The Office of National Statistics predicts that 50% of UK employees will be working remotely by next year. More than six in 10 employees believe their employer has a responsibility to look after their personal wellbeing**. But with more of them spending time away from the office, getting these employees to engage can become harder. With an app, employees can tap into health and wellbeing services as and when they want to, from anywhere in the world.

Brian Hall – Chief Commercial Officer at BHSF, said: “Employees’ expectation around the health and wellbeing support they receive from their employers is changing. For many, work isn’t constrained to just the four walls of an office, so accessing benefits via their mobile phones fits their lifestyle.

“Since it launched in 2007, the smartphone has become an essential tool of modern life. It makes sense for employers to use this channel more effectively to ensure their employees are as healthy as possible. That’s why we’ve created BHSF Connect – an app that connects employees to a range of specialist physical, mental and financial wellbeing tools, all in the palm of their hand.”

*Daily workers omnibus survey conducted with 1,000 employees by Maru/Usurv June 2019.

**Survey conducted by OnePoll for Get Living in January 2019.