The benefits of using an FIS (Finishes & Interiors Sector) Accredited Contractor for your business

However costly your office construction may be, you will need to put some extra push into making sure that your office construction for your business will be perfect to the last dot.

Think of your office as the front line of your business, wherein potential clients see your office first before they can even avail of your services. To make sure that your business construction turns out extra perfectly, it is to your advantage to hire professionals for every aspect. One of these professionals is a Finishes and Interior Sector (FIS) Accredited Contractor. Read on to learn more about the benefits of hiring one.

  1. They have the extra expertise that other contractors don’t.

This fact is a no-brainer: naturally, an FIS Accredited Contractor has more experience and expertise than a contractor who doesn’t have the same. If you are building an office for your business, you will want every little detail to be perfect. Plus, the foot traffic in an office is higher than in a residential home, therefore you will need all that extra advice as to which finishes and interior design aspects will work best and will also last for years.

For example, they know the latest techniques in the following:

  • Ceiling works
  • Refurbishment works
  • Steel framing systems and techniques
  • Plastering and dry lining
  • Partitions and operable walls

The above-mentioned updates are even more relevant in today’s day and age where competition is stiff, as more and more offices and businesses are demanding for ambitious office designs.

  1. They have that extra mark of quality for your business.

These specialist contractors did not spend all those extra hours and expenses of learning for nothing; they really have quality work in their minds. Hence, upon hiring one, you can be better assured that the finishing touches and interior aspects of your business are sealed with a mark of quality. These contractors are up-to-date with the key problems that affect the construction industry, therefore, when these issues do arise in your business, they are equipped with the proper skills and knowledge to address and solve the same.

  1. They are compliant with more Codes of Conduct.

Yes, every contractor is compliant with the Codes of Conduct that they will have to adhere to. However, the extra advantage of an FIS-accredited contractor is that they have one more code that they have to conform with, which is the FIS Code of Conduct. Because of this, they have these following added responsibilities, for example:

  • Adopting and committing to the principles of FIS
  • Acting with integrity towards others, and exercising high standards of business practice and workmanship
  • Having and implementing an appropriate environmental policy statement
  • Commitment to workforce training

The above-mentioned are only a few of the conduct expected of FIS contractors, so to learn more about the same, it is best for you to check the local FIS Code of Conduct of your country.

  1. They can offer you the latest products in finishing touches and interior design.

Apart from the whole practical and application process, contractors who are FIS-accredited can offer you with the latest products in interior design. Because of the associations, which they belong to, and the vast network that they have, they also have access to the latest product offers and product catalogs. This wide range of new products will truly make your business’ office more up-to-date by using nothing but the best and latest products in the design industry. Wouldn’t it be nice to have an interior design that nobody else has as of the moment but you?

  1. They can better identify the risks in your project, and help you manage the same.

FIS-accredited contractors are not only trained with the latest trends and techniques in finishing touches and interior design, but they also have the added skills in identifying and managing risks that may occur in your business construction. New techniques in interior design also mean that there will be more complicated and detailed construction works that have to be accomplished.

Therefore, the contractor that you are working with needs all the added information and training as well in risk management.

  1. They can give you expert advice and tips, too.

Your responsibility towards your business’ interior doesn’t end upon the turnover of the office space. The most significant task of adequately maintaining the same now falls upon you as the owner, and with your team. This is where the expertise of your FIS-accredited contractor comes in handy. Your contractor can also provide you with expert tips and advice on any questions that you may have from the start of your project, and even up to the end. For the most critical task involving the upkeep of your interior, they can also give you the best advice regarding the same.


Hiring an FIS-accredited contractor may not be the cheapest option, but the benefits are vast, so it seems as if every extra dollar spent on using one really is worth it. These specialist contractors contribute significantly to the construction industry, and you can use their knowledge and skills for the benefit of your office. First impressions are lasting, and you will want to create a great first impression on the potential clients that first come in your office.