Telford company going all-out to go green

SPACEPLACE-TELFORD-21 (1)A company in Telford which is going “all-out” to be as green as possible is investing about £7,000 to cut its lighting energy use by 64 per cent.

The Space Place storage facility in Stafford Park has upgraded almost 200 of its lights to state-of-the-art LEDs, investigated solar power and rainwater recycling – and bosses are appealing for more ideas on how to save energy.

David Cole, managing director at The Space Place, said he was determined to do everything possible to reduce the firm’s carbon emissions.

He said: “We are in the process of changing all of our lighting to efficient LED bulbs, which is going to reduce our carbon footprint by 5.41 tonnes – the equivalent of 64% or £2,830 a year.

“We are passionate about being as green as we can, and have looked into a variety of environmental schemes.

“As well as fitting LEDs, with the help of EcoSave-UK who are based just around the corner in Stafford Park, we have sensors so the lights only come on in corridors when they are in use.

“The plan is to gradually replace every single bulb in the storage facility to LEDs as the traditional ones fail.

“We have also experimented with ways of reducing surface water run-off from our roof, and used a specialist company to dig a trial soakaway pit.

“Unfortunately, the ground contains too much clay which meant the soakaway would not drain efficiently enough to pass the environmental test, so we were unable to move forward with that.”

Mr Cole said he would be happy to talk to other businesses in Telford and across Shropshire about any further ways of reducing energy.

“I’m sure lots of businesses are doing great work to cut carbon emissions and save on energy costs,” he added.

“We are very open to ideas so if anyone has any experience they could share, we would be delighted to talk to them.”

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