Teaming up to boost teen esteem

Jane Brook

Two Worcester businesswomen are teaming up to help teenagers who need a confidence boost, particularly before making their first tentative steps in university or work life.

Jane Brook, regional manager of image consultancy House of Colour, and educational consultant, coach and teacher Therese Hoyle will be hosting workshops aimed at building self-esteem.

Therese, founder of The Success Partnership, will address the issues of wellbeing for success and setting achievable goals while Jane will talk about clothes, good grooming and the importance of making a good impression at interviews and school events.

Both Jane and Therese have teenage daughters and are well aware of the pressures young people are under to change their body shape or personality to fit the supposed ‘norm’.

“We want to educate and empower teenagers by explaining to them that their appearance should reflect who they are on the inside,” said Jane.

“It is important that they celebrate their individuality rather than trying to copy the cast of TV shows like The Only Way is Essex.”

Jane explained she had similar body image issues a few years ago following a separation. She said: “I tried to imitate my best friend, who always looked fantastic, but her style didn’t flatter me or make me feel good. At my lowest point, I used to dress totally in black so I could hide out of the way and not have to deal with people.

“Having my colours done and realising which clothes suited me helped to give me my identity back and I can now stand up and give a talk in front of 70 people, something which would have terrified me before,” she added.

The first workshop, which runs from 10am to 4pm on Saturday, October 20, is aimed at 12 to 16- year-olds. Parents will be given an information pack to supplement advice given on the day. For booking details, call 07970 293341 for further information. Booking forms can be downloaded at

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