Straw polls? A tee-poll finds Nick way in front

Forget YouGov, Ipsos-Mori and ICM – a West Midland t-shirt designer has the inside story when it comes to who is leading the General Election opinion polls.

Donato Esposito, from the Bostin Group, has seen a surge in Lib Dem support since he launched his election collection t-shirts a week ago.

The Lib Dem t-shirt, emblazoned with the phrase “I Agree with Nick” – after the oft-repeated comment from David 

Cameron and Gordon Brown in the first leaders’ debate last week – has proven to be a far more popular seller than garments for the other parties.

According to the Bostin Tee-Poll, Lib Dems are in the forefront, after securing 49% of sales. The Labour Party’s Gb4GB tee has attracted 25%, while the Conservative’s Sack Your MP t-shirt has accounted for 14%. The Green Party’s Worth Waiting For design trails with just 12%.

Donato, who launched his Black Country and Birmingham t-shirt company nine years ago, said he was thrilled with the response to the election collection.

“I love reacting to what people are talking about and these t-shirts have really captured their imagination,” he said.

“Since we launched these, I have been amazed to see how our sales have been mirroring – and surpassing – the official polls.

“What happens after the second and third debates will also be interesting. I’ll be updating poll on Twitter.”


Pictured above: Donato Esposito from the Bostin Group



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