Squire’s Stronghold® SS50 Combi marks a new generation of high security combination padlock

Black Country lock manufacturer Henry Squire & Sons Ltd has unveiled its new Stronghold® SS50 Combi, purpose-designed for convenience and extreme resistance against the threat of a sustained attack.

These heavy duty combination padlocks are constructed of a solid hardened steel lock body and hardened boron steel shackle – with a protective lock body cover for extra high security.

Uniquely, the range features an electrophoretic finish for excellent corrosion resistance and can withstand an impressive 200 hours exposure to salt spray, meaning it still functions in the harshest environments.

Designed for extra high security performance, the padlocks operate using a fully recodable five-wheel dial with 10 digits – from zero to nine – offering over 100,000 combinations.

Cleverly, the digit wheels are spaced apart making it easier for those who find smaller dials more difficult to operate.

Recoding is straightforward too and they can be coded ‘alike’ so one sequence opens several locks – ideal for multi-users operating in high security or commercial environments.

Two variations of this smart padlock are available including open (SS50 Combi) and closed shackle (SS50C Combi) options making it ideal for a host of uses – commercial buildings, gates, warehouses, lorries, perimeter gates, trailers and high security doors.

Managing director of Henry Squire & Sons Ltd, John Squire says the industry has been waiting for a high security padlock that not only offers the convenience of a combination entry mechanism but also provides exceptional resistance to physical attack.

He said: “These robust combination padlocks deliver maximum security protection in an easy to use modern design. Importantly, the range is highly attack resistant making it the perfect choice for high risk commercial areas.

“Combination locks are an excellent way of permitting temporary access. By easily changing the code after access has been granted, users can quickly regain security within minutes.

“With unique, patented design features, our Stronghold® SS50 Combi range is manufactured to World Class standards for quality performance.”

Reflecting Squire’s on-going commitment to new and innovative combination products, the impressive Stronghold® SS50 Combi range epitomises the company’s forward-thinking outlook, commitment to new technology and superior design capabilities.

Squire’s Stronghold® SS50 Combi range carries the Squire 10-year guarantee.

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