SME’s fleet management boosted with free App from KGJ Insurance

Lyndon Hollinshead KGJ Jan 16One of the UK’s leading and largest independent insurance brokers, KGJ, has made a pioneering step in its ongoing support for SMEs by offering a free fleet management tool to monitor time and efficiency of the workforce and deliver potential savings on annual insurance costs.

The fleet management App works on both Android and iOS phones, and is designed specifically with SMEs in mind by providing data and online reporting information that helps them manage their vehicle fleets more effectively, efficiently and safely.

The range and scope of its fleet management data sets the tool apart from other Apps currently on the market, and when combined with its analysis tools, delivers powerful information that KGJ says can trigger up to a 10 percent saving on annual commercial fleet insurance premiums.
West Midlands-headquartered KGJ Group is a Partner Broker of the Apps’ developer NIG, which means it is able to offer the FleetManager App free of charge to businesses signed-up to the related commercial vehicle fleet insurance.
KGJ’s Group Director, Lyndon Hollinshead, explains: “We are one of an elite group of NIG Partner Brokers in central England. We have held Partner Broker status for some 15 years, and the firm qualifies based on our size, and the value and volume of annual insurance premiums.
“KGJ is the largest independent insurance broker in Wolverhampton, and one of only four across the West Midlands to work with NIG in this way. As a Partner Broker, we can offer a number of unique benefits to clients, and this free fleet management tool is one of the newest, flagship benefits for our commercial fleet customers.”
KGJ Director Peter Hallam works closely with the App’s providers NIG. He says: “The App is perfect for small to medium sized fleets. It requires no expensive investment in black box technology, is easy to set-up and deploy, and is completely portable. It is GPS-based and uploads driver and journey data automatically to a web-based portal that fleet managers can use to improve their operations.

“NIG FleetManager combines a smartphone app with online reporting to support SMEs in managing their fleets. The data it collates on each journey is automatically transmitted and uploaded to the dedicated online portal for analysis. This provides invaluable information that can make a real difference to improving a business’ fleet operations, and importantly, provides information to offer significant insurance premium rebates in return for good driving behaviours.

“Financial benefits for customers range from a five percent rebate after three months when 80 percent of drivers have each covered 300 miles, followed by a further five percent rebate off the previous year’s premiums on renewal.
“We see the App as a valuable tool for SMEs,” he adds, “as the information it gathers delivers better journey management through individual driver route tracking. The App starts recording the journey automatically and gathers data on overall driver performance, monitoring and measuring speed, smooth driving, mobile usage, and time and length of journey. It can help identify financial savings through the data it collects on fuel use and mileage.”
Lyndon Hollinshead adds: “The commercial insurance landscape is increasingly looking to use data to personalise premiums and policies to match individuals, in a sense rewarding them for being safe and careful on the roads. For our business customers, this App has the potential to be a highly useful tool that will support us in our quest to secure the very best and most competitive insurance cover to match their needs.
“The NIG FleetManager App is a real differentiator, both for the firm but particularly for our SME business customers.”
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