Schools to get free cyber security advice

Chris Pallett, MD of Bespoke Computing

A Shropshire IT specialist is helping schools across the region to protect against intrusive and costly cyber attacks and at the same time raise funds for their organisation.

Bespoke Computing, which provides business technology and communications support to a range of businesses and organisations, has teamed up with leading security software experts ESET UK and Shropshire Chamber of Commerce to host a free event for schools on December 3.

During the ‘Secure Our Schools (and charities)’ event, which will take place at Trevithick House, Stafford Park, between 9am and 10.30am, representatives from ESET will brief school business managers, headteachers and PTA members on a range of affordable measures which can be implemented to help improve the security of their computer systems.

Those attending will also learn how the programme can be extended to parents and families of school pupils and how this can help raise vital funds for schools, their PTAs or other charities.

It comes after experts warned that cyber attacks are one of the biggest threats facing schools, with recent research highlighting that a fifth of educational establishments have already been hit.

A recent study commissioned by Ecclesiastical, a specialist insurer for the education sector, found that malware and phishing attacks are the most likely to occur within school settings.

Chris Pallett, Managing Director of Telford based Bespoke Computing, said: “We all know that school budgets are being stretched left, right and centre and it’s the same for many charities such as PTAs but unfortunately cyber security is an issue they cannot afford to overlook.

“Hackers are looking for any opportunity they can and due to the sensitive nature of information held by schools and their PTAs they are often prime targets.

“ESET provides a number of cost-effective security solutions and this event is an opportunity for schools to find out what measures they can take to improve their own cyber security.

“At the same time, the programme can help schools raise vital funds. Each organisation signing up will be given a unique voucher code and every time a parent or family registers for the software the school or PTA will receive cashback.

“It’s a win win for schools – a fantastic way to raise additional funds when budgets are tight as well as improving day-to-day security within the school environment and within the home.”

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