Retail research specialist joins forces with university

SBXL’s Phillip Adcock

SBXL’s Phillip Adcock

One of Europe’s leading shopping behaviour and emotions research specialists has teamed up with a top university to gain a deeper understanding of the psychology of shopping.

SBXL has joined forces with the School Of Psychology at Bangor University to study how psychological and neuroscience research can help supermarkets and brands understand consumer decision making.

SBXL, based in Staffordshire, is a leader in the field of shopper psychology, using a combination of advanced behavioural analysis techniques, sophisticated interpersonal communication tools and eye-tracking. SBXL works with retailers and well-known brands across the UK, Europe, North America and the Far East.

The company will be working with students on Bangor’s well-respected Consumer with Business Degree and with post-graduates at the School of Psychology. The joint programme, supported by the Strategic Insight Programme (SIP) will also include a series of exchange visits between SBXL and the University.

University experts who are working with SBXL founder Phillip Adcock include Dr Erin Heerey, an expert on social psychology, Professor Rob Ward, a specialist in facial expressions, Dr Paul Mullins, an expert on brain imaging and decision making, and Dr Gareth Harvey, a specialist in the understanding of the psychology of aromas.

The relationship is in its early days but has already embarked on detailed in-field testing with a number of brand owners.

SBXL’s Phillip Adcock said, “We are delighted to be working with Bangor which has a formidable reputation in this field. We have been able to get involved with a number of research initiatives being conducted and Bangor and identify ways in which they may be transferable to the commercial and retail sectors. Our work is already likely to lead to changes in the way some products are packaged or displayed and the fruits of our partnership will soon arrive on supermarket shelves.”

Dr James Intrilligator, course director at Bangor, said, “SBXL is the perfect example of the practical application of consumer psychology theory. The SIP programme has clearly helped both the academics and the industrial partners gain a greater understanding of the challenges and capabilities.”

The Strategic Insight Programme (SIP) is a fully-funded pan-Wales project involving all 11 higher education institutes in Wales. It aims to develop partnerships between university staff and public and private sector organisations.

SBXL was founded by Phillip Adcock 13 years ago. With offices in Lichfield and Tamworth, SBXL is a leading retail research firm, combining state-of-the-art technology with a detailed knowledge of human psychology. As well as regular shopper tracking, the company provides retailers and brands with in-depth insights, using techniques such as in-store filming to capture behaviour, The company also provides detailed studies of facial expressions and non-verbal communication to identify sub-conscious decision-making processes, and eye-tracking to determine what shoppers see in-store.

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