Quote Factory experts database hits 50 in 50

A new online service aimed at helping journalists find experts is celebrating after signing up 50 experts in its first 50 days.

The Quote Factory was launched earlier this summer by Midlands press and public relations consultancy Ian Strachan Communications Ltd. The service – which takes the form of an online directory – helps journalists, broadcasters and researchers in the Midlands region find experts on a wide range of subjects.

Lichfield-based Ian Strachan Communications has added 50 new listings to the service since its launch, covering a wide range of experts from accountants and lawyers to road safety experts and retail specialists.

Ian Strachan said The Quote Factory provided a quick way of finding people who are experts in their field and willing to give quotes, help and the benefit of their expertise. As well as helping journalists, the service gives valuable media exposure for companies in the Midlands region.

“I am delighted with the start we have had, with a lot of businesses in the region realising this is an inexpensive way of getting their capabilities and expertise recognised. A number of switched-on PR and marketing agencies have woken up to the fact that this is a great way of getting media exposure for their clients, while many professional services firms see it as a way of getting their expertise out there for people to see,” he said.

Ian Strachan added, “In the first week of operation we had two great success stories, with two companies listed on the site getting positive press coverage – one of them in the national press.”

The Quote Factory, at, is a completely free resource for journalists, and focuses exclusively on Central England.

Ian Strachan said that for companies, academic institutions, PR departments and PR agencies, this is an opportunity to get media exposure and be seen as experts in their field. Company executives and experts can be listed in The Quote Factory database for just £52 per entry per year.

He said, “This is an indispensable resource for media writers, journalists, broadcasters, researchers and PR professionals in the Midlands. Listed are experts on a huge range of subjects who are on hand to be quoted, consulted or interviewed on their areas of expertise and to give stories and features weight and substance.

“This is a completely free resource for journalists, and focuses on the Central England region. There is no need for users to log in or register. They simply select the subject category and the experts are listed there, with their specialisms and contact details. There are other web sites offering similar services, but they are national databases and can be expensive to get listed and cumbersome to use. An expert in London or Manchester is no use to a journalist in Stoke or Coventry, Birmingham or Nottingham. The Quote Factory is geographically focused to provide a service to the Midlands media.”


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