Pure Telecom’s digital technology specialist launches INKWRX product

Pure Telecom's digital technology speciailst Sophie Norton

A new product which could transform the way remote workers operate is set to be launched in Shropshire.

Shrewsbury-based Pure Telecom are just about to market the INKWRX digital data capture platform which is now at forefront of mobile data capture.

The system gives remote workers access to live forms such as job sheets, allowing that member of staff to receive and collect data, fill in the forms and send back to their head office with no need for actual paper.

It enables companies to create their own business forms and publish them to use with a tablet device. It previously could take up to ten days to process forms and now using INKWRX it takes ten minutes.

“We are very excited to be launching this platform,” says Matt Sandford of Pure Telecom, based on Shrewsbury Business Park.

“Its easy to use, web-based e-form builder software means forms can be created and deployed quickly with little to no training for staff.

“Existing forms can be imported as pdfs to use as a template, or designed from scratch. These can then be published on a tablet device from the same flexible platform. The software also means that managers are in control of business forms which increases productivity by up to 20%,” he said.

Matt explained that the main benefits of the system were efficiencies in time and money.

It is estimated that average savings per user month are around £250 as the system eliminates postage, transport and storage costs, removes costs of data input from paper forms, reduces costs of accessing information on completed forms and improves the accuracy of data.

“However, there are also significant benefits for the environment as the system is said to be 30% ‘greener’ than traditional methods of working.

“We definitely think this is the way forward for remote workers and expect the new product to be very popular in a county like Shropshire where businesses could have staff based many miles from their head office,” Matt added.


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