Patrons support new training centre developing advanced manufacturing apprentices

World-leading names in engineering, manufacturing and technology have pledged their support to creating a new generation of highly skilled engineers at the MTC’s Lloyds Bank Advanced Manufacturing Training Centre near Coventry.

Sharing the vision to inspire Great British manufacturing, the centre’s first four patrons have committed valuable support; ranging from financial and capital investment to providing equipment, technology and experts to develop the future skills needed for UK manufacturing to stay globally competitive.

Bosch Rexroth is a global market leader in the provision of drive and control technology for industrial and mobile applications, including assembly and gear technology, industrial and mobile hydraulics, tightening and welding technology.

Key account manager, Andrew Minturn, said: “UK industry needs skilled engineers to innovate, problem-solve and ensure machines and systems continue to work productively and efficiently. Investing in these skills is essential to staying competitive on a global scale.

“The MTC’s Lloyds Bank Advanced Manufacturing Training Centre is the ideal incubator to develop a mixture of academic and practical engineering skills.

“Developing the next generation of engineers is extremely important to Bosch Rexroth. Innovation and trends from industry are the guiding principles of the company and these guiding principles match the overall vision of the centre.

“We’re proud to support the centre and work together to ensure British industry and its engineers achieve their full potential. We’re confident that the skills learnt here today will drive UK manufacturing in the future.”

DMG MORI is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of metal-cutting machines.

Adding their support as a patron of the MTC’s Lloyds Bank Advanced Manufacturing Training Centre, managing director at DMG MORI UK, Steve Finn, said: “There’s great potential to grow the contribution of manufacturing to the UK’s GDP, but we need people to do it. It’s all about the people and having the right skills.

“We recognise the need to encourage young educated talent into our industry and apprenticeships that offer premium quality training and real prospects are an absolute necessity. They need to start with the basic skills and principles, but we have to align their training to what’s needed in industry. If we fail to do that, we will fail both trainees and the UK manufacturing sector as a whole.

DMG MORI has a rolling programme to make the latest technologies available to ensure training is up to date.

“It is a privilege to work with this facility and support our future engineers through their apprenticeships. Between us all we can make the difference.”

Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence

As experts in empowering its customers to fully control manufacturing processes that rely on dimensional precision, patron Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence is being faced with increasingly challenging demands.

Brett Green, sales and marketing director at Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence, said: “We’re developing the technology to provide solutions for these constantly changing challenges, but unless the skills keep up, we’ll be devising technology that no-one’s able to use.

“The investment in new skills is a vital pre-requisite for this country to continue on its trajectory to set new standards in global manufacturing. We’re delighted to have the opportunity to support the MTC’s Lloyds Bank Advanced Manufacturing Training Centre and enable learners to train on advanced equipment and be able to use the most up-to-date metrology techniques.

“Careers have to be first and foremost enjoyable. Here trainees can come through the centre and see how their skills and learning are being applied in the real world, which is both inspiring and rewarding.”



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