Oh Brother…Business coach Ian helps trio on the road to success

Pictured: Ian Nicklin

Business improvement expert Ian Nicklin has helped three brothers make huge strides forward with their Stoke-on-Trent based companies.

EOS Risk Management, which provides security training for the maritime and offshore industry, has achieved a 700 per cent increase in turnover since calling on the services of Ian, a Newcastle-under-Lyme based Action Coach, around a year ago.

Owner David Johnson was so pleased with Ian’s efforts that he recommended the Action Coach’s services to brothers’ Richard and Andrew Johnson who run Hanley and Stoke based Estate Agents Keates Hulme.

Hanley based EOS, whose business includes combating Somalian pirates, called on Ian to help him with time management issues within the business.

David said: “I started the business in 2003 and had always run it myself by calling on the services of contractors.

“Due to growth in the industry, I recognised there was potential to grow the company and sought Ian’s guidance.

“Ian’s approach is very structured and practical. The practices he has put into place has enabled me to drive the business forward and manage fantastic growth.”

As a result of EOS’ growth, David encouraged brothers Richard and Andrew to work with Ian.

In common with many property companies, Keates Hulme had suffered due to the recession.

New working practises have allowed the owners to work on growing the business rather than just working long hours running the business.

Revenue targets for the current year have been reached inside four months resulting in a 50 per cent increase in on-going monthly revenue targets.


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