Nottingham Restaurant gets TOP Curry Award

Cumin Award-14

At a special celebration, The Cumin restaurant received the elite BEST IN THE MIDLANDS Award from the Cobra Good Curry Guide. Editor Pat Chapman presented the award to Cumin’s owners, Shelley and Sunny Anand in the presence of a gathering distinguished guests including Frances Finn of BBC Radio Nottingham on the 12th of November 2013.

The achievement is all the more remarkable since The Cumin only opened its doors six years ago. It soon became a Nottingham favourite, and it was not long before it came to Pat Chapman’s attention and by 2012 he had listed it as a TOP 100 restaurant. Shelley and Sunny are members of a distinguished Nairobi family, who made their mark with celebrated restaurants in Southall, Ilford, Leicester, themselves previous Cobra Guide Awards winners. The Cumin follows the tradition of serving the best of Punjabi cuisine with an East African twist.


For the benefit of curry lovers, the Cobra Guide has identified the UK’s Best Curry Restaurants since 1984. Sponsored by Cobra Beer since 1992, the current (2013) Guide contains information on 1,000 restaurants all around the UK, selected from 9,000 contenders. In each new edition, there are some delistings and some exciting New Entrants. Each entry includes restaurant name and address, phone number, postcode and website. A general description follows, then menu examples, price, style and quality of food, service, vegetarian availability, BYO, etc. Colour pictures of restaurant interiors, exteriors, their food, and chefs and owners are also included. New trends, such as Indian Tapas and cafés have been identified and explained. 

The Guide’s main strength is that it is compiled by using comments from hundreds of members of the public whose names are listed in full. There are no anonymous, dubious reports, such as you’ll find in some on-line review websites. Nor are there reports written by the restaurants themselves … restaurant websites invariably praise themselves and many claim to be Award Winners, with no reputable Award to back up the claim.

Pat Chapman pioneered Curry Awards in 1992, and they are regarded as the industry’s ultimate. For the 2013/14 season, he is making Awards to just 20 restaurants in the UK: two of which are in Scotland, two in Wales and 16 all across England, of which The Cumin receives the BEST IN THE MIDLANDS Award.


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