New software brings new business

Henshalls new system 2 picA Shropshire company has made a major investment in new technology that will give customers 24-hour access to insurance cover.

The team at Henshalls Insurance Brokers is installing software that will enable both existing and new clients to request online quotations day and night. And they’re extremely proud to be the only broker in the county to offer such a flexible service.

Director Mark Freeman said: “Staff at our offices in Newport and Shrewsbury are receiving in-depth training to ensure the whole process runs smoothly, and the system is due to go live in the Spring.

“It will mean that customers from a wide range of industry sectors will be able to use it both during – and outside – traditional office hours to obtain a quote. We’re delighted to be introducing the new initiative and it will certainly help us to stand out in a crowded marketplace as no-one else is offering anything like this in Shropshire.”

Mark said the new system was being introduced as a direct result of customer demand, and the increase in clients looking for online access to professional services and advice.

“At Henshalls we work hard to ensure that our clients and prospective clients receive the very highest levels of customer service at all times, and we’re constantly striving to develop the support package we can offer.

“So by introducing a 24-hour access to our insurance quotation system, we’re hoping to attract even more customers who will appreciate our forward-thinking and dynamic approach.”

The investment in new software is all part of the Henshalls commitment to delivering the very latest guidance available on personal and commercial insurance issues, and on health and safety.

“We also have close links with an information service that offers relevant and useful advice on a whole host of subjects, and no other broker in the region has access to this service which is constantly updated to ensure it delivers information that is both topical and current.”

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