New business start-up Nutribox is prepped for lift off

Kevin Mountford (Centre) with Chris Bestwick (left) and Martin Molloy (right)


High demand from fitness enthusiasts has ensured food box business Nutribox is off to a racing start. Stoke-on-Trent friends Kevin, Marvin and Chris are providing healthy, nutritious meals in a box to a growing number of customers.

Nutribox customers order in advance and collect healthy, portioned controlled food from their kitchen at Metro Business Park, Clough Street, Hanley.

The business was the idea of Kevin Mountford, an experienced fitness trainer in Stoke-on-Trent.

“Experience as a personal trainer has shown me that the failure to adopt consistent nutrition habits is the major obstacle for anyone looking to improve their health, fitness and physique,” explained Kevin. “Nutribox is committed to providing healthy, great tasting meals to customers.”

Kevin teamed up with Marvin Molloy and Chris Bestwick to launch Nutribox in January 2018.

“I have the fitness background, Marvin is a great organiser, has worked delivering public health services and is business savvy, and Chris is an experienced and talented chef, so we all add our own ingredients into the business.

Nutribox has plans to develop in to a leading collection and takeaway food outlet in Stoke on Trent. Nutribox wants to improve the wellness of people in our city through the enjoyment of nutritious and healthy meals.

“Our mission is to make this as simple as possible, by providing people with food that tastes delicious and can be enjoyed on the go. Our talented chef is combining his cookery skills and creativity, with sports nutrition to ensure our food always provides our customers with the boost and feel good factor that they need to succeed every day.”

Nutribox launched in January. The Nutribox main menu is available Monday – Friday and consists of breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and smoothies.  This runs alongside theirseparate Meal prep service which consists of 3 separate menus run on consecutive weeks, containing over 30 different meals

Kevin added:

“2018 is the year where the Meal Prep craze has come out of the gyms and gone mainstream. Many people lead busy lives but are aware that supermarket bought convenience food is often not the healthiest of choices. We take the hassle out of prepping and cooking tasty, nutritious food.

“Customers were initially focused around the network I have built up during 10 years in the fitness business but our market research suggests there is room for further growth as people are becoming more health conscious. We have had a lot of interest from gyms and workplaces so we would like to market Nutribox more in these places to help us to grow our business.

All Nutribox meal are clearly labelled with macros, as well as calories. Explained Kevin:

“The term macros is short for macronutrients and is used to describe the three key food groups we all require for our bodies to function: carbohydrates, fats and proteins. Achieving the right balance is more important than counting calories in controlling weight and meeting fitness goals.”

The vision is to create a culture where healthy eating is easy, enjoyable and accessible for everybody and they are enjoying the initial response they have received. They have already taken on board two more chefs and they will launch their booking app in March.

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