New business galloping towards success

horse whisperersA Leamington business which provides an unusual way of developing leadership skills has impacted more than 1,000 people as it celebrates its one year anniversary.

The Leadership Whisperers use horses to help senior teams and business executives develop their leadership skills and business planning techniques.

The innovative company, based in Bishops Tachbrook, has now worked with 1,100 people as it marks its one year anniversary.

Founders Emma Taylor and Jude Jennison have also been presented with the Woman Who… Start Up Award 2016 in recognition of their pioneering business which has seen a significant amount of growth since it was launched.

Emma said: “We are delighted to have had a positive impact on more than 1,000 people. It is an excellent achievement for us as we celebrate our first year as a registered company.

“During our first year Jude also published her first book ‘Leadership Beyond Measure: Profound learning with horses to transform leaders and business’ which is now available on Amazon.

“We were extremely pleased to win the Woman Who… Award. The judges recognised that we have built a scalable and innovative business which is pioneering new leadership development methodologies.

“We provide a variety of different workshops for managers, senior teams and executives of companies.

“Horses mirror leadership behaviour so we partner people to lead the horses in a number of situations.

“The horses provide direct, in the moment feedback on how each person leads and allows people to modify their leadership style.

“We have had a considerable amount of growth over the past year, and as a result, the amount of people we employ on a part time basis has risen.

“We have also been able to invest a significant amount of money in our new facilities workshop which we purchased from Warwick Buildings, another local business.

“We have a strategic partnership with an equine charity which has venues across the country, meaning we can deliver our sessions in a number of locations and we can also deliver sessions abroad.”

Many businesses from across the area have taken advantage of the sessions, including a recent visit from the Coventry and Warwickshire Chamber of Commerce, which launched a Go For Growth campaign at the start of 2016.

“We were delighted to host a directors day for the Chamber,” added Emma.

“We have received some excellent feedback and everyone who participated found it very useful.

“They have been able to take the new skills they developed back into the workplace and we will continue to offer any help and support we can in the future.”

Bethany De Thierry, of the Coventry and Warwickshire Chamber of Commerce, said: “Emma and Jude are pioneering new and interesting ways to develop leadership skills.

“Working with the horses provided us with a very hands-on experience which everyone thoroughly enjoyed and found very beneficial.

“We launched Go for Growth at the start of this year and this is another, albeit, unusual example of how a business can expand by thinking differently.”

Pictured: Steve Cunnane (UKTI), Richard Merkl (Quorum People), Shanakay Millington (Holiday Inn Coventry M6), Kerry Bailey (Holiday Inn Coventry M6), Sue Ainsley (Net Visibility), Neil Curtis (Net Visibility), Emma Thomas (The Recruitment Initiative Lt), June Irani (Lifestyle Investments), Rosy Hughes (Burgis & Bullock).


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