Military transport aircraft first to benefit from Birmingham firm’s new tyre technology

Military aircraft operators could soon benefit from new foreign object damage (FOD) resistance tyre technology that has been developed by Birmingham-based Dunlop Aircraft Tyres and that is being used for the first time on the new Airbus Military A400M.

The tyres feature the better sidewall FOD resistance of bias tyres, which are more suited to operations from semi and unprepared airstrips, as well as advanced materials designed to give improved protection in the tread area.

“With over 100 years’ history of specialising in aircraft tyre manufacturing and retreading, we have built considerable experience of pushing the boundaries in both civil and military tyre technology,” said Dunlop Aircraft Tyres’ chairman, Ian Edmondson.

“These new tyres for the A400M are an example of that. They build on our experience in the military sector and will help protect the aeroplane when it operates to and from unprepared airstrips.”

More than 180 Airbus Military A400M transport aircraft have been ordered by Belgium, France, Germany, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Spain, Turkey and the UK.


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