Midlands based company Dustcheck introduces new cutting-edge filter



An innovative new design from a UK based dust control company is set to cut blockages and speed up production for major manufacturers across a range of industries.

Dustcheck has earned a reputation for introducing tailored solutions to industry issues.

Now the company’s new dual cleaning venting filter is set to have a major impact on a common problem – how to stop systems clogging up.

Dustcheck’s in-house design team devised the revolutionary new rotary valve venting filter after being approached by a client whose production speeds were being hit as rotary valves became air locked and clogged.

Regular valves rapidly become choked in industries where dry materials – such as grain, chemicals and pharmaceuticals – are divided into small batches by rotary valves involved in the feed system.

The solution to the problem was to double the cleaning valves on the filter, from one to two, resulting in one airway always remaining open.

The advantages for Dustcheck’s customers included:

• Continuous production

• Less waste

• Lower maintenance costs

The SFJ2-1-06 venting filter works in tandem with Dustcheck’s unique conical filter cartridge technology; proven to be the most efficient reverse air cleaning filter configuration on the market. 

Explaining the dual valve breakthrough product, Dustcheck Director Eddy Spires said: “There are several products that can be used for venting pressurised rotary valves, but none of them are entirely satisfactory.

“Once the rotary valve has expelled its product it can become clogged, significantly slowing down production.

“Dustcheck has developed the solution – a compact filter with sufficient filter area and cleaning controls to maintain continuous venting.

“Our new design utilises two filter cartridges and two cleaning valves. The system clears one filter at a time, meaning that there is always one path available to vent the system.”

Mr Spires added: “This is a major breakthrough and we are confident it will greatly improve efficiency for our customers.

“Dustcheck’s design team has built a reputation for providing effective solutions which work and help our clients and have a significant impact on the bottom line.

“We ensure that all our dust control solutions are tailored to meet the individual needs of our customers. More than 30 years in the business has taught us that this is what our clients need and really value.”

The new rotary vale venting system can be added to existing valves to improve productivity and retails at just over £1,000.


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