Medical travel agency launched its branch in Birmingham

Dent Health Tour, a medical travel agency launched its branch at Birmingham Airport and aims to provide excellent medical and non-medical services to international patients travelling to Turkey. It is co-founded by travel specialist in tourism field which has been serving for nearly 20 years in Turkey and United Kingdom.

Dental tourism, as a part of more general medical tourism, has existed for many years. But over recent years, it has significantly grown in popularity. The costs costs in the UK are generally higher than patients would pay for the same treatment in Turkey– and that includes the cost of travel and accommodation, food and even spending money. On average, costs in Turkey are 70% less than in the UK.

Dent Health Tour is welcoming their guests in Alanya, Gazipasa Turkey through a health holiday package that also deals with oral health. The team is working together to promote Turkey and contribute to health tourism. The company’s aim is to present the superior qualities Turkey dental health system and to offer opportunities to explore the beauty of this charming town of the mediterranean coast.

The medical agency also works with its partner clinics in Istanbul which have been Europe’s leading clinics for hair restoration more than a decade specialising in British patients and offer permanent solution to restore their hair at a price they can easily afford without compromising quality.

Tour packages consist free consultation, hotel, breakfast, airport transfers and transport.

To get a free quotation, call – 0121 576 2507.

UK Office: Ground Floor, The Comet Building, Birmingham Airport, Birmingham, B26 3QJ.