McDermotts set the bar in Sustainability with Balfour Beatty

McDermotts showed their support for Balfour Beatty’s Sustainability Month with Henry Gilbert guest speaking at their Sustainability Day – cementing the partnership towards sustainable actions that the two companies have developed.

Encouraged by Balfour Beatty in August 2011, McDermotts have committed to a sustainable future by adopting the BS8900 framework for managing sustainability. McDermotts have set the bar for other companies by being one of the first contractors to follow Balfour Beatty’s Sustainability Roadmap towards 2020 and to have an ‘Integrated Management System’ certified to ISO9001, ISO14001 and OHSAS18001 standard.

McDermotts were invited by Balfour Beatty to be guest speakers at their first Sustainability Day at the Snow Hill site, where we are currently working on the enabling package. Director, Henry Gilbert shared his insight into their sustainability vision and journey to 2020 – encouraging other supply chain members to follow suit.

Tatiana Yurkwich, Environment and Sustainability Coordinator at Balfour Beatty, said: ”Balfour Beatty are keen to develop sustainability through our supply chain. We were very impressed with the enthusiasm of McDermotts to embrace this initiative and raise the standards for others. We look forward to working closely with McDermotts, supporting and helping them to achieve their goals.”

Henry Gilbert, Director at McDermott, said: “We were delighted to be invited to speak at Balfour Beatty’s Sustainability Day to highlight our company’s progress against our sustainability vision and raise awareness of environmental issues. We believe that sustainability is about everything: the business, its stakeholders and people; securing growth, recognising and developing people and protecting the planet. We are proud of our roadmap towards 2020 – setting ourselves challenging targets to be more responsive, flexible and robust within an ever changing and demanding market.”

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