MarkStrat launches Real Time Feedback pods to enhance your customer experience management

Philip White, Founder of MarkStrat UK

MarkStrat is a new midlands based startup offering Real Time Feedback pods to help retail stores, event organisers, and educational institutes develop their methods of Customer Experience Management.

Philip White, Founder of Market Strategy UK Ltd said “I am really excited about the range of services we are able to offer here at MarkStrat. Our core mission is to enhance customer service in the UK, and so we are offering a range of solutions that enable companies to measure their online and offline customer experience and collate real and insightful data to help guide their experience strategy”.

MarkStrat offers its clients everything from User Testing to Mystery Shopping, with their client base being mixed and varied. User Testing applies more so to businesses offering a primarily online experience such as ecommerce, whilst Mystery Shopping is perfect for any in store experience, such as retail, Hospitality, Children’s Play Centres, and Gyms.

MarkStrat’s primary solution is it’s perfectly designed Real Time Feedback pods. You may recognise these from high street stores such as Next and PC World, where they have had great success with the company’s strategic partner, OMBEA Ltd.

These feedback pods have a number of applications, including gathering feedback along in store retail touchpoints (from the changing rooms to the checkouts), as well as to survey student satisfaction at Universities, and one off events such as conferences and seminars.

Visit: for more information, and to download the product brochure with case studies and pod specifications.

Alternatively, contact: to get a free assessment of your user journey, and no obligation quote for management solutions.