Manufacturing catalyst for Birmingham’s economic future says Chamber

Business leaders in Birmingham and Solihull welcomed the launch by Lord Mandelson today of a £150 million package which will help manufacturers take advantage of emerging technologies.

Bridget Blow, President of Birmingham and Solihull Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BCI) said:  “It’s about time that manufacturing is recognised for the great contribution it has given to the world, particularly here in the West Midlands.  

“Situated as we are at the heart of industry, we only hope that some of the funding will come to this region.

“The announcement provides a strong signal to manufacturers about government’s priority markets, sectors and investments which will help them to plan their growth.   Innovative technology is vital to the success of our manufacturing plants.

“We continue to await an overall long-term manufacturing strategy which is necessary for the industry’s success and survival over the next 10 years.”

Simon Topman, Chairman of the West Midlands Chambers of Commerce and Managing Director of manufacturing company Acme Whistles said:  “Acme Whistles has used the Manufacturing Advisory Service and along with other companies we have found it one of the best government’s initiatives.  Any help which will enhance this service further can only be to the good, especially as we start to look towards coming out of the recession.

“At Acme Whistles, we have an easily copied product and staying ahead of the game with innovation and new materials is vital to our future success.  Schemes like this will help us to achieve our objectives.”

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