Making business connections in the finance industry

The finance industry is one of the most important to the economy of the UK: the financial services sector contributed £132 billion to the UK economy in 2018. Such high levels of revenue coming into the country’s coffers indicates how healthy the industry is and also just how vital it is. Of course, you may live in the Midlands and already be running your own business in the sector but perhaps want to know how to make it more successful.

Networking is a major way to build up new partnerships which can help your business grow. Connecting with the key players both in the local area and further afield is an excellent way to stimulate business growth when working in the finance industry. Doing so will help you to learn from other more experienced industry figures while gaining access to new opportunities which might arise. Working with, and being associated with, well-known names will also bring more authority to your brand.

But what are the best methods to make the connections your business needs?

Use social media

One way of getting in touch with the big names within UK finance is to use social media. The best platform for this by far is LinkedIn. While you could try others like Facebook or Twitter, LinkedIn is generally seen as the best for professional networking online. A great illustration of why, is the presence of Lady Barbara Judge, an important individual in banking and finance. Over her career, Lady Judge has held many prominent leadership roles at top businesses and has worked extensively in the finance sector. With people like her to connect with and to learn from on this platform, it is a great way to engage with the people who can help your business succeed.

Attend real-world events

Online networking is great because it is free, plus it means you do not have to travel anywhere and it makes connecting with key figures or businesses in foreign countries a simple process. You should not discount networking in the real-world though. That offers a different experience and delivers a more personal, organic feel which is great for building lasting working relationships. Look for big business events being held around the Midlands or by local business groups in your area.

Connecting with a big name in your local area could be just the springboard your own company needs! Bigger, more national events in cities like Birmingham attract top names from the financial world for you to engage with. One great tip here is to have your business cards ready to hand out. Doing so is more professional and will save you having to write down your details for important contacts to take away with them.

Get involved with charitable causes

If you want to rub shoulders with the biggest names in business in the Midlands, why not think about becoming involved with charitable organisations? This not only helps to get your brand out there for key contacts to become aware of, it also makes you a business that other important financial organisations want to engage with. If you do not have the time or money to sponsor a charity, you could always put on a one-off event to raise money and invite key companies or people you want to connect with to attend. Of course, another way to help people while networking is to attend charity events hosted by other top businesses.

Use your existing network

One great tip is to use the network you have already built to help make those key connections in finance. If you are looking to move your company up to the next level, having the people you know helping you is a good idea. For example, it might be that a relative or friend plays golf with an influential local businessperson that you would like to work with. By asking for an introduction, you might be able to have a positive conversation with them that will be of mutual benefit. Do not be afraid to ask your existing contacts to help you because it is often how companies eventually forge an ongoing business relationship.

Make the connections your business needs to succeed in finance

With Birmingham and other major locations in the Midlands, there is a thriving financial scene in which to operate a business. When you also consider the wider business opportunities you could take advantage of both nationally and globally, it is an exciting industry to be part of. If you need some help to achieve your goals though, forging the right connections can give your company the push needed. After all, it is often not what you know but who you know. The above tips give some ways to go about making connections, something that will help you make your business a success.