Local Firm Celebrate 20 years of technology growth

Jamie, Sam and Tommy;  McMaster at a celebratory lunch

Jamie, Sam and Tommy; McMaster at a celebratory lunch

Local firm Questmark specialise in videoconferencing technology – and while in the 1980’s the Jetsons, and Back to the Future were just imaging the possibilities of real time visual communication. Sam McMaster, Questmark’s CEO was actually in the team that had access to the first videoconferencing system in the UK. With £million plus price tag and a somewhat pixelated image, this wasn’t a tool for the everyman that is becoming today.

Questmark this week celebrate their 20th year in business, having set up in November 1993 in Nottingham’s then new Science Park. The business as it stands is now based in two locations in Long Eaton and is a family run entity with Sam’s wife and two sons residing on the board and heading up key departments.

The business has seen some natural highs and lows. Looking back on key achievements that include; the development of large government networks, telemedicine video-links to the homes of poorly children and innovating a managed service approach to delivering technology that pioneered a change in the industry, there are a significant amount of accomplishments to be celebrated.

Jamie McMaster the Sales and Marketing Director speaks of looking up to his father and his enjoyment in now working alongside him “We are so proud of the commitment my Dad has put into this business and more importantly the opportunities for community and charitable work that this has allowed him personally and Questmark as a business to be part of. He has created an amazing, innovating and exciting company that is thriving more than ever. It is a pleasure to have grown up with this and now work within this environment and continue his legacy.”

A team from Questmark climbed Kilimanjaro earlier in 2013 as part of a year of 20th anniversary celebrations and Sam is attempting the climb again in the summer of 2014. It is these achievements alongside the business activities, customers and staff that Questmark say has given the business such longevity in often difficult financial times.

The commitment to growing the business is just as powerful as ever and the organisation has taken on eight new employees over the last three years as it commits to develop the company further and take the idea of travel free meetings to an increasingly growing market.

The growth of the internet over the last few years, SME’s looking to be more streamlined, working from home initiatives and a concern for environmental practices have all played a key role in developing the customer base and Questmark have been sure to stay on the edge of the technology to facilitate and drive demand. Recently investing in mobile technology, unified communications platforms, integration options with Lync and Skype to more traditional technologies have been driven by Questmark’s love of the possibilities that better communication can bring.

As Questmark look forward to the next 20 years they are determined that the key to their success has been basing decisions on a guiding principle of customers first, honesty and great service. It is these elements will guide them as the company takes on new challenges and opportunities. As Tommy McMaster puts it “I think we all are very grateful that Sam did give up his dentistry degree to focus on his love of communications – we are all a lot better for it.”

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