Local company promises to fill vacancies more quickly

Mark Britton, Marketing Manager at Crimson

Mark Britton, Marketing Manager at Crimson

A Coleshill technology and recruitment company has developed new online recruitment software which allows recruiters to fill more vacancies more quickly.

Crimson Ltd’s innovative new software Mercury xRM, allows employers to source hundreds of potential candidates in less than 30 seconds.

It offers a much quicker way of compiling a database of potential candidates to suit any position for recruiters nationally.

The single solution can take a vacancy, source relevant CVs from job boards and social media platforms, publish a vacancy advert to job boards online, and assign potential candidates against a vacancy in record time.

Recruiters can then view details of potential candidates and refine their list of those they want to select for interview, a process that typically takes up to two hours when performed manually.

The software has been available to a select number of recruiters for the past two years, but following the transition of the software to a cloud environment last year, and a recent rebranding exercise, local developer Crimson Ltd is now ready to make the product available nationwide.

Mark Britton, Marketing Manager at Crimson, said: “Mercury xRM has been specially designed and developed with the needs of recruiters in mind. With so many people in the UK actively seeking employment, it can often prove a time-consuming task to source the best candidates for a position. Mercury xRM provides recruiters with all the tools they need to make their internal processes simpler and quicker, allowing them to get on with what is important – creating a differentiated experience for clients.”

As a Microsoft Gold Partner, Crimson has developed Mercury xRM to be powered by Microsoft CRM – meaning that it has a user-friendly interface and is intuitive for recruiters to get to grips with.

The software packs a powerful workflow designer which allows for built-in automation, and user actions can trigger tasks and errors within the solution. This means that omissions and general administration tasks are dramatically reduced.

Mark Britton added: “We understand that time is an issue for many recruiters. With so many vacancies to fill and such a broad number of people currently seeking work, they need to make sure they fill their positions quickly with the right people.

“Mercury xRM allows for them to do just this and offers a fast and efficient solution to what can be a very time consuming process.”

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