Lifetime Achievement Award for leading Travel Litigation Lawyer

Clive Garner

A partner in the Birmingham office of Irwin Mitchell has been presented with the Tom Henderson Lifetime Achievement Award – one of the highest honours the American Association of Justice (AAJ) can bestow.

Hailed as “The Godfather of Travel Law”, Clive Garner was presented with the award in San Diego by the AAJ International Relations Committee at the Association’s Annual Convention.

The AAJ (formerly the Association of Trial Lawyers of America) has a membership of over 20,000 practicing lawyers from across the globe and over 3,000 of them were in San Diego to see Clive recognised for nearly 25 years of service to the AAJ. In this time, he has served as Chairman of the International Practice Section and spent seven years on the Board of Governors, as one of two representing the UK and Eire.

In presenting the award to Clive, the AAJ International Relations Committee said: “Clive is a Partner at Irwin Mitchell in England. Clive’s results are not surpassed by anyone. He is well known for his many successful individual and group action cases including aviation disasters, maritime disasters and terrorist related incidents. Clive holds top ranking for International Personal Injury and has been called, ‘a master strategic thinker’; ‘the man defendants fear most’ and ‘the Godfather of Travel Law’.”

“In addition to being a great lawyer, writer and speaker, Clive has done an enormous amount for the public good in improving consumer laws. He was one of the founder members of PEOPIL (The Pan European Organisation of Personal Injury Lawyers), responsible for the passage of more pro-consumer personal injury laws in Europe than any other organisation. Clive, among a small number of others, has been a prime mover in getting those laws passed. Clive has previously received a number of awards including those presented by his local Law Society and PEOPIL. This year, he is the worthy winner of this prestigious award”.

On accepting the award, Clive Garner said: “I am delighted and honoured to have been awarded this Lifetime Achievement Award by the American Association of Justice. However, it simply would not have been possible without the enormous contribution of others at Irwin Mitchell, who have worked together with me over many years, on so many great cases, for so many incredible clients.”

In addition to handling major group claims including the In Amenas and Tunisia terrorist attacks in 2013 and 2015, the Costa Concordia and Al Dana Dhow disasters and aviation cases including the Germanwings, Shoreham Air Show, Pamir Airways, Sita Air and Dana Air disasters; Clive’s expertise continues to be sought on major international cases, including what is believed to be the first case filed by the family of a British passenger arising from the Ethiopian Airlines Boeing 737 Max crash.