Leading Entrepreneur To Become First Ever Patron of BODY

Kavita Oberoi, new patron of BODY

Derby-based charity BODY has announced well known entrepreneur Kavita Oberoi is to become its first ever patron.

BODY, Being One Distinguished You, is a charity which helps individuals who suffer with body image issues. The charity commonly supports people diagnosed with Body Dysmorphic Disorder (BDD), a condition that pre-occupies a person with negative thoughts about a certain part or several features of their appearance, as well as those with eating disorders such as Anorexia and Bulimia.

Commenting on Kavita’s appointment, chief executive of BODY, Lauren Benton said: “I’m delighted Kavita has accepted our invitation to become patron of BODY. She is well known for her business acumen and has been a great mentor to me personally. Kavita has a philanthropic nature which is reflected with her connections to The Global Girls Fund, Burton College, Sisters with Voices and The Derby Women’s Centre. And I’m sure her experiences with other great charities will help us to become the national charity we strive to be.

“We decided to invite Kavita because as a woman, she understands the pressure placed on our society to look a certain way. She’s approachable and having started so many of her own ventures, and knowing how hard it is to succeed, she can advise us on achieving everything we want to”

Kavita Oberoi founded leading healthcare company Oberoi Consulting and is highly regarded as one of the leading business women in the UK. In the past she has openly stated that one of the greatest rewards gained from her success in business has been the ability to help and support worthy charitable causes.

Kavita commented: “I didn’t hesitate in saying yes when Lauren approached me to become patron of BODY. BODY is a fantastic charity which tackles serious issues and provides vital support to those who need it most. I know Lauren well as I’ve been mentoring her for some time and I’ve been aware of her abilities and the good work BODY does from a very early stage. Lauren displays entrepreneurial flair and knows how to accomplish her goals, and when you add that to her passion for achieving great things with BODY the future looks very bright indeed for the charity – and it’s a future that I’m really excited about being part of”

In conclusion, Lauren Benton added: “Kavita really cares about future generations, which fits with our mission. Indeed, a massive part of what we do is all about going into schools and building self esteem, whilst keeping prevention at the front of our minds. Kavita knows that a healthy body and happy body go hand in hand, and I’m sure her enthusiasm and drive will help us achieve the great things we have planned for the future”
If you think you know someone who has body image problems, or if you want help or advice, simply get in touch with the clinical team at BODY for information about the support it can provide, visit or call 01332 258833.

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