It’s no joke Dave raises £1000 for Birmingham Dogs Home

Dave Gerrard, Lucy the dog and Alayna Warner (L) and Jilly Rivers (R) from Birmingham Dogs Hom

Dave Gerrard, Lucy the dog and Alayna Warner (L) and Jilly Rivers (R) from Birmingham Dogs Hom

A wise-cracking West Midlands bus driver who has raised funds for Birmingham Dogs Home by going sixty days without telling a joke presented the charity with £1,000.

Funny man Dave Gerrard has been cracking jokes with his colleagues for well over 47 years but in August started a sponsored break from his joke-telling to help raise much needed funds for the Birmingham Dogs Home.

Dave pledged to tell his favourite joke if he raised £1,000. Unfortunately Dave only raised £900 but management at National Express West Midlands was so intrigued by what Dave’s favourite joke was they added the last £100 to the pot.

Today Dave confirmed that his favourite jokes were Mother-in-Law jokes but felt it was best not to see those in print. Instead the side-splitter opted for ‘Which bus crossed the Ocean? Columbus!’

On top of the £1000 Dave presented the Dogs Home with an additional £300 worth of food that drivers in the Black Country had brought while shopping for their own pets.

Dudley Bus Driver Dave said:

“Animal cruelty is no laughing matter, and this gives me the opportunity to make a real difference to a charity that is facing big challenges.”

“Not telling jokes was tough for me, but a blessed relief for my colleagues. I took up the challenge when I saw Lucy, a five year old staffie at the home. She had been left in the street, attacked and was about to lose an eye and I wanted to make sure we could help the Dogs Home look after her.”

“Now she is well, full of life and receiving great care. A huge thanks from Lucy and I, to all my customers and colleagues who have supported me through the challenge.”

Alayna Warner from Birmingham Dog Home said:

“We really want to thank Dave and all his colleagues at National Express West Midlands for raising so much money. We simply couldn’t survive without the help of generous people like Dave and this money will make a real difference to the lives of dogs like Lucy.”