India meets Mexico as new burrito company launches in Birmingham

An aspiring entrepreneur has opened ‘Wrapchic’, a unique food outlet offering Indian burritos, in the centre of Birmingham. ‘Wrapchic’ is on a journey to change the way Indian food is eaten in the city, as the menu reflects ingredients from all parts of India, in a variety of Mexican dishes such as burritos and tacos.

Owner Mahesh Raikur, who has over 15 years of experience in catering hospitality management, has invested £150,000 and created new full and part time job positions. Mahesh created the idea for ‘Wrapchic’ after identifying the lack of Indian food as a lunch time option.

“In the UK, undoubtedly Indian food is very popular, with some even citing the curry as the nation’s favourite food. With such choice to enjoy Indian food in a dining setting, either at a Balti house or at a fine dining restaurant, I felt that the same options were not available for people to enjoy Indian food at lunch- time.”

“I coupled this love for Indian food with Mexican food because in the past few years the preference for options like burritos has grown, partly to suit our busy lives, as they can be enjoyed on the go. ‘Wrapchic’ combines the best of both, to offer everyone food that is a perfect mix of flavours, taste and convenience.”

The symbolic nature of the name and logo of ‘Wrapchic’ reflects the identity of Mumbai born Mahesh.

“ ‘Wrapchic’ is Mumbai slang to describe something ‘sexy’ and so is used as an adjective to accentuate a noun positively. By choosing this as the name of my business, it reflects the pride I have for the quality food we are serving to everyone. The ‘Wrapchic’ logo derives its origin from the beautiful ‘Warli’ art practiced by the tribes from the Indian region of Maharashtra. The bull has always been an eternal symbol linked to India; be it the Indian Gods or the local farmers”.

From the signature wraposas- spicy breaded samosas -to burritos, the ethos behind the food at ‘Wrapchic’ is to offer healthy Indian food. The development of this unique food brand is synonymous with the growing trend to bring new and innovative ways to spice up lunch times. The opening of the outlet signals Mahesh’s ambition to expand the business across locations in the UK.

“My aim is for ‘Wrapchic’ to be the most loved burrito company and become a market leader in the highly burgeoning burrito sector. We have started off on this path in a very positive manner. Since opening we have received great feedback from our customers, all welcoming our food and the vibrant friendly environment of our store.”

Mahesh hopes to replicate the success of the most famous Bull in Birmingham.

“Since opening in 2003, Bullring Shopping Centre has established itself as the beating heart of the city centre. My ambition is for ‘Wrapchic’ to succeed and deliver food that all of Birmingham can enjoy”.