Iconic Birmingham restaurant to launch immersive dining experience


Birmingham’s most iconic restaurant is undertaking a radical refurb programme that will provide its diners with what will become arguably the country’s most futuristic dining experience.

Bosses at the popular Marco Pierre White Steakhouse Bar & Grill, which is located on Level 25 of The Cube on Wharfside Street, are now replacing all glass windows with giant LED screens that will surround the whole top floor.

The idea is to replace the Birmingham skyline with images of other world-famous cities and will see diners being transported to places such as New York, Sydney, Paris, Milan and Hull.

Despite offering what is the best vista across the whole of Birmingham, the decision to take guests along a more immersive dining experience, will, according to the venue’s management, make them relax and buy more food.

Lois Farlop, Head of Enhanced Dining at the popular eaterie said: “This will take people’s eating experiences to a whole new level.

“Research has shown that when people have a meal when overlooking world-iconic cities such as New York, Milan and Paris, they order more food and wine. Birmingham’s OK, but people just aren’t as inspired as looking out over the Eiffel Tower or Sydney Opera House.

“What we’re doing is giving customers the opportunity to get deeply absorbed and immersed into their eating experience and we can’t wait to take people on this new dining journey.”