How to make the most out of upcoming business events

Whatever sector you’re in, there will be trade events that are perfect for you and your business. Even if they are a little thin on the ground in your sector, there are still loads of networking clubs all around the midlands that meet regularly and allow companies and individuals to try to drum up new business. However, tweaking your approach can reap massive rewards.

The Midlands is home to top class venues that cater to all the needs of both exhibitors and visitors. The National Exhibition Centre (NEC) is one of the best-known venues in the country. There are dozens of suitable hotels, like The Belfry, and several football grounds such as Aston Villa, the King Power stadium, and The Ricoh Arena, it soon becomes apparent there are no shortage of choices for venues.

Keep an eye on all upcoming trade shows

Just because you operate in a particular sector doesn’t mean this is where your main focus should be. For example, a marketing agency is relevant to anyone in business who advertises, which means you can literally attend any trade shows you choose and still be relevant. In fact, you’ll often find you have far less competition than at marketing related shows.

Offer something specific

Even though you might have a specific offering, try to tailor it to suit the sector of the show you’re attending. For instance, if you are a professional translation company attending an event aimed at a specific type of manufacturing, why not consider offering help and insights on how to start exporting? This will not only add a great deal of value to attendees but will also be beneficial to your business.

Whatever sector you’re in, try to find an angle that aligns nicely with the aims of the events attendees. The fictional marketing agency mentioned previously may well take a slightly different approach when attending an event for e-Commerce than they would at an event for engineers. Each set of attendees will have their own specialisms and sector specific needs, try to tap into them whenever you can.

Make sure you stand out

A professional translation company at an event specifically for professional translators or exporters will struggle to stand out. Picking events that might be so obvious will lessen the toughness of your competition. However, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t make an effort to stand out or remain in the attendees’ minds long after they have left the event.

A common tactic at many national shows is for many exhibitors to offer a free takeaway. This can be anything from a free pen to an industry magazine. However, choose something that can be branded continue to add value to them after they’ve left. This will ensure you stay present in their mind. Some companies’ use branded USB drives pre-loaded with data to catch the attention of attendees even after they’ve left the event. A gift like this, or even a branded power bank, is highly likely to be used long after the event, and every time it is, the attendee will be reminded of your company name and advice.

This article was written by Richard LeCount, Sales & Marketing Director of