How the failure of the housing pledge crisis turns heads towards Residential Parks

Alfie Best

At a time where accessible social housing is at an all-time low, private providers of alternative housing options are rising as more appealing and reliable for hopeful homeowners. Alfie Best, Founder of the UK’s largest residential park provider – Wyldecrest Parks – has commented on the current state we find ourselves in, with the added pressure of an uncertain Brexit also taking its toll…

“While we all like to believe that everybody gets to retreat to the comfort of their own homes at the end of the day, our ideal is far from reality.

Despite social housing being the third most discussed issue in parliament, behind Brexit and climate change, the government is far from making a dent in helping to build the desired number of homes recommended by the national housing federation. The lack of response from the government means the issue of providing affordable housing is ever-increasingly becoming a private sector matter.

It may appear that the social housing crisis would typically hit first-time buyers the most, but I think this is wrong. Not only are first-time buyers affected by the lack of affordable homes available but those in their later years living on their state pension are heavily affected when it comes to paying a rent much higher than they’ve been accustom to, leaving them with a limited number of places to turn to.

At Wyldecrest Parks, we aim to provide homes that are not only cost-effective but cosy and accommodating to every man and his dog – the well-behaved ones anyway. We have taken matters into our own hands, and have given a housing solution that many are too scared to: our houses are on average a third of the price for one of the same size, in the same area. Not only are we cost-effective, but with our gated communities, we offering a secure place to live too.

What’s more, with 1.3 million UK citizens living in various hotspots across Europe, with their futures hanging in the balance thanks to an uncertain Brexit decision, it is important for our expats to know that if and when they return to the UK, there will be properties on the market that won’t break the bank. Our residential parks are ideal for those who have chosen to move home and re-immerse themselves into communities to continue enjoying their retirement.

As the nation continues to wait for a Brexit deal to be put in place, it is likely that the government’s budget cuts to the housing sector will remain in place, meaning that private housing providers will have to continue working towards supplying stable homes for people without the help of government funding. It is key that we continue the conversation on social housing provisions so this crisis is not de-valued among a never-ending list of social issues that the government must attempt to tackle.”