Hilton Birmingham Metropole put the Wood back into Chelmsley Wood


To celebrate Hiltons centennial year, the team at Hilton Birmingham Metropole and UK sales team have teamed up with a local college to plant 100 sapling trees; Putting the ‘wood’ back into Chelmsley Wood in line with the brands duty to conserve and restore natural resources and habitats needed to sustain the environment.

The Hilton brand recently celebrated 100 years of filling the earth with the light and warmth of hospitality. To exhibit their passion for the local community, the team have planted 100 trees at local college Tudor Grange Academy in a bid to look after the environment and build relationships in the community.

Commercial Director Liz Watson added “Following Hilton’s recent statement to cut our environmental footprint in half by 2030, we thought what better way to start than planting 100 trees. It’s a vital way to help remove carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases from the air, which cools the earth. What a meaningful way to celebrate 100 years”.

The hotel has an apprenticeship programme with the Academy that gives insight and a foundation of skills for a career in hospitality. Hilton continue to uphold sustainable efforts in all areas of the business from ditching straws and plastic water bottles to minimising food waste resulting in less landfill.