Hereford Law Firm Take the Lead with New Pricing Approach

David Battisby

David Battisby

We all like to know how much something is actually going to cost, but for decades solicitors have been known for billing by the hour, presenting an initial estimate, occasional updates and quite often a final bill that could still come as a shock and make your eyes water. Finally, a local firm of solicitors is adopting a refreshing approach as to how they price work for their clients.

The partners, and key fee earning staff at Hereford law firm Lanyon Bowdler, have taken part in week long training with an internationally renowned expert, which has provided the skillset and tools, to enable them to take a step back and understand what their clients really want, and then how best to price the job.

After careful consideration and agreement by both parties as to the scope of the work involved, the client will be presented with a menu of options. Choices will vary depending on the type of work, but many will include Fixed Fees and Service Level Guarantees. The clients will have the choice as to which option they prefer, without any argument.

Managing partner David Battisby said “We have made significant investments in this training, both financially and with our time. The delegates have come away feeling refreshed, motivated and enthusiastic. We don’t just sell time; we sell our experience, expertise, know-how and results. Pricing work can be complex, but it will offer a transparency for our clients and the assurance that there will be no nasty surprises.”


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